Training your horse

We can train your horse for you. Depending on age, physical matureness and the character of your horse, we design a custom training program. With a young horse it all starts with trust. We bond, do groundwork, start the breaking of the horse and secure a good base: straightness, thinking forward and responding well to aids. We also train flexibility and condition. As soon as the horse is both physical and psychological ready we include dressage or jumping skills as well.  We can train horses up to Grand-Prix-level.

Irene's passion is to guide and support riders in reaching their equestrian goals. She herself has massive experience in training dressage horses and competing at a high level. She combines her personal experience with a keen eye, empathy with both horse and rider and constructive coaching skills. In that way she stimulates rider and horse to maximize the cooperation and get better results. For that reason she has a vast base of riders that train with her.